|Order Up!| Sarah Maw – CCFCC Okanagan

Sarah Maw, Junior Member

What is your name?
Sarah Maw
Where are you currently working?
Delta Grand Okanagan Resort apprenticing under Chef Iain Rennie and Lakeshore Place with Chef Kim Wallace.
If you could invite 4 people over for dinner, alive or dead who would it be?
To cook the dinner: 
Chef Rene Redzepi
To wash the dishes:
Western Junior VP Tina Tang
To bring dessert:
Chef Arthur Chen
To share your wine with: Beyonce
What inspires you?
My grandma. She was such an amazing cook, she cooked everyday and she loved it.
What is your favourite meal to cook?
Risotto, it’s labour of love.
What is your favourite meal to eat?
Recently, during my PC3 class we had Sous-Vide Ox Tail ragout and it was delicious!


From Sarah’s PC3 Class: Braised rabbit leg, pan-seared rabbit loin, rosemary gnocchi, butternut squash puree with french beans and radish.


What is your guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate with sea salt and a really good cappuccino
Three things on your bucket list:
1 – To live in Europe (London, England especially!)
2 – To dine at Noma
3 – To go to Japan
What are you passionate about?
Food and a healthy active lifestyle
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I would like to become a research chef. 
What is a research chef?
It is someone who experiments with recipes in order to create new consistent products or dishes that can be vas-produced all over the world.
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Winning the Saputo Young Chef’s Competition


Sarah’s winning dish at the Saputo Young Chef’s Competition: Coconut Brie Arancini, Passion Fruit and Mango Chutney and Shaved Asparagus.



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