|Order Up!| Pierre Conroy – CCFCC North Vancouver Island


What is your name?
Pierre Conroy
Where are you currently working?
My partner and I have a little catering business.


Pierre and his partner Cori



If you could invite 4 people over for dinner, alive or dead who would it be?
Who would you invite:
My parents, Roger Michel and Dave Karash.
To cook the dinner:
As for dishes and cook I would do everything. 
To bring dessert:
Cori makes pretty good dessert but I might invite Lesley Staff to bring one of her famous chocolate cake.
To share your wine with: 
Anybody that is in a good mood and funny. 
What inspires you?
Nice warm sunny days inspire me, mostly a 5am morning sun. 
What is your favourite meal to cook?
 I love cooking Osso Buco and having Foie Gras with Magret de canard.
What is your favourite meal to eat?
Foie Gras with Magret de canard.
Three things on your bucket list:
1 – To go back to France with Cori for a few months
2 – To go to a world famous restaurant
3 – To take a one year cruise around the world with a lot of land tours
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about life

Pierre rolling out some bread at the CCFCC 50th National Conference in Edmonton

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
At 65 you don’t know where I see myself even though I always said that I would live to be 120.
It is someone who experiments with recipes in order to create new consistent products or dishes that can be vas-produced all over the world.
What is your greatest accomplishment?
So far my greatest accomplishment is to have gone to cooking school at 59 and graduated.


Pierre with his fellow culinary classmates and instructor Chef Chris Hansen at NIC

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